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Any lonesome lost soul looking to lend their ear to a new American singing Shakespeare might happily reach the end of their searching with the songs of Jean-Luc Swift. He's as American as they come, yet he doesn't look like anything we've seen. Jean-Luc's tunes unwind slowly with the broad confidence of a tall-tale-teller who knows he's got them just where he wants them, skipping town almost as soon as he arrives, and leaving nothing but happy customers and maybe a few tears in his wake. He loves his idols and he loves his mamma, a verified poprock heartbreaker with a sensitive streak that he just might let you see. Late nights and lost loves are the Devil's tramping ground, and there too can Jean-Luc be found. What angel wouldn't have dropped from heaven once they were hip to Elvis and Dylan? I'm sure I couldn't say, but we can be glad he did and decided to stay.

  -Nate G 

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